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Village Owned and Maintained Cemeteries

Northern Cemetery
Euclid Avenue, Barnesville

Southern Cemetery
South Lincoln Avenue, Barnesville

Crestview Cemetery
South Chestnut St., Barnesville (SR800S)

Village Administrator
Roger Deal
(740) 425-1880

Village Fiscal Officer
Jeannie Hannahs
(740) 425-3444

Fees Schedule
Grave Spaces: $300.00
Open & Close of Grave: $800.00
Sunday Open & Close of Grave: $1,200.00
Holiday Open & Close of Grave: $1,200.00
Cremation Burial: $300.00
Burial in Grave Space Already Occupied: $400.00
Saturday, Sunday, & Holiday Open & Close of Cremation Burial: $600.00
Infant Burial: $150.00
Replacement Deeds: $5.00
Government Marker Installation: No Fee
Monument Foundations: Installed by monument dealers - $150.00 locate fee



It is the desire of the Village to make Barnesville Cemeteries beautiful places for the deceased, where a sense of repose will be obtained by dignified landscape effects on a well maintained lawn. These cemeteries are sacred places where your loved ones can be assured of a serene final resting place.


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