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Contact Information:

EMERGENCY:        911
EMS Building:       (740) 425-3368

EMS Captain:        (740) 619-0533   Cell: (740) 705-4900
Billing Questions: (740) 425-3444

Fire Chief: Tim Hall
Assistant Fire Chief: Harvey Giffin
EMS Captain: Justin King
Asst. EMS Captain: Mary Anne Stephens
EMS Lieutenant: Alex Saffell

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Barnesville EMS, located at 127 East Church Street currently serves the community with a roster of twenty five (25) employees. Of those employees, four (4) are Emergency Medical Responders, eight (8) EMTs, two (2) Advanced EMTs, nine (9) Paramedics. Currently, a duty crew of two (2) members is on duty 24/7 providing coverage to the community. Barnesville EMS covers the Village of Barnesville, Warren Township, Kirkwood Township and parts of Flushing, Goshen, and Wayne Townships. Covering over 83 square miles, Barnesville EMS has the largest coverage area in Belmont County.

In 2011 Barnesville EMS, along with Bethesda EMS, began covering medical transports out of Barnesville Hospital. This is currently handled on an "every other day" basis between Barnesville and Bethesda. This was done in order to better serve the community. There are currently no tax dollars used towards EMS. Barnesville EMS has been self-sufficient with EMS billing money. Currently EMS billing is handled "in-house" and has shown much improvement in the last few years.

Barnesville EMS operates with three ambulances. All three (3) are equipped to handle ALS (advanced life support). Barnesville EMS recently purchased a new 2019 squad to replace one outdated squad.

In 2018 Barnesville EMS answered 1,006 medical emergencies, this includes calls in the coverage area as well as mutual aid. Also, 238 medical transports were taken out of Barnesville Hospital.

Barnesville EMS has improved significantly over the last several years by working closely with the governing bodies, Barnesville Hospital, and Bethesda EMS. We would like to thank the community for their continued support! If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us!

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